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ELI has a team of field and laboratory chemists & biologists who work on Biomonitoring projects for us on a regular basis and are prepared to provide Biomonitoring Packages to fit everyone's budget and in a timely fashion.

Each team is State Certified and part of our Laboratory Co-Operative.

Our teams constantly have available to them, an ample supply of fresh water organisms (Fathead Minnows and Ceriodaphnia) so that we can move swiftly to complete last minute or emergency projects!

We apply the most current EPA methods for estimating the chronic & acute toxicity of effluents and receiving waters that will meet all of your NPDES requirements.

Give us the opportunity to serve your Biomonitoring needs and to learn more about our team’s approach to aquatic effluent characterization. Please feel free to contact one of our friendly Sales Staff to learn more about our capabilities and pricing.