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ELI goes to great lengths to establish a Platinum Standard in its performance in both the Laboratory and in the Field. ELI runs hundreds of Performance Evaluation-(PE) Samples from various "third party sources" to guarantee that our data is certifiable for every..... (continue)

Customer Service

ELI knows that we may only get one chance to impress you with our Customer Service. We take great pride in providing friendly and prompt service each and every time you need us. We also choose to go the extra mile by providing some that many of our competitors do not.... (continue)

Turn Around time

ELI realizes how important Turn-Around-Time-(TAT) of your data is to you and your company. You are trusting ELI to provide you with quality data in a reasonable amount of time and that's exactly what we make every effort to execute. ELI has a "Standard TAT"..... (continue)


ELI understands that with rising costs abundant in nearly every facet of this industry, we must work diligently to keep costs down for you as our client. ELI rarely has price increases but when we do, we make sure to let you know when they are coming. ELI has..... (continue)