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(ELI) realizes how important Turn-Around-Time-(TAT) of your data is to you and your company. You are trusting ELI to provide you with quality data in a reasonable amount of time and that's exactly what we make every effort to execute. ELI has a "Standard TAT" which we charge our standard fees for but also know at certain times, you must have your data "Rushed" back to you in a time frame quicker than Standard TAT. For this reason, we have four Rush Programs:

1. Immediate Rush or Same Day TAT
2. One-Day Rush or 24-hr TAT
3. Three-Day Rush or 72-hr TAT
4. Five-Day Rush or 120-hr TAT.

Each Rush Program carries a specific surcharge. ELI utilizes a number of facets to get your data to you, including the U.S. Mail, Fax and Electronic/Email submission.

All turn-around time frames are based on work days only and begin on the first work day folllowing the day we receive your sample.