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ELI's Mission:

Protecting Our Environment Today For Our Children's Tomorrow©. We take our Mission and our Mission Statement to heart! We are passionate about our work and how our efforts help make the world around us a better place to live in. We truly care about making our planet an environmentally "safer place" for all of our childrens' future. If you would like to learn more about ELI, please call us or send us an email.

ELI's Goals:

ELI has been serving the U.S. since 1982. One of our primary goals is to provide our clients with quality analytical data, quick turn-around time of test results, reasonable pricing and the very best in personalized customer service. We maintain numerous chemical and microbiological certifications across North America. While the Tri-State area of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio is our primary territory of operation, we are proud to say that our growth and expansion has provided us exceptional opportunities to support the environment as far away as Kansas to the West, New York to the East, North Carolina to the South and Wisconsin to the North.

ELI's History:

ELI was founded in 1982 by Chris Myers, a graduate of Indiana University. Mr. Myers holds a BS Degree and a double Major in Chemistry and Biology! Mr. Myers met his wife while in college at IU in 1977. Mrs. Myers is a retired school teacher and continues to be an Officer of Environmental Laboratories, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Myers have three children who have all completed their Masters Degrees and are employed throughout the U.S. Mr. and Mrs. Myers' family history was "grass roots", with both of them being raised on small farms in Southern Indiana. "We both grew up somewhat poor, knowing that hard work would help our families put food on the table and clothes on our backs and it certainly made us appreciate the things we have been able to provide to our own children over the past several years", noted Mr. Myers. "I grew up learning Conservation at an early age, as my whole family enjoyed hunting, fishing, raising a garden, conserving while utilizing all that Nature had to offer. In all things we never took from Mother Earth more than we needed and if we did have more than we could use, we always shared with others and never wasted anything. My Father was a Sgt. in the Korean War and he raised us to be strong and organized, while my Mother was a Christian woman, helping the family make it in the toughest of times and teaching us about love and how to treat others. With the kind of up-bringing that my wife and I experienced from our parents, it has allowed us to treat our employees like family, establish grounded business plans while being prepared to fight the battles of life every day and to be positive toward others on a daily basis...we never forgot where we came from". Mr. Myers continued, "My parents could not afford to send me to college but fortunately I earned an athletic scholarship and I attended a University in TN for four years and then transferred my college credits to IU and completed my degree there with additional emphasis on Fresh Water Ecology and Chemistry...I have always held a sincere interest in the Environmental Sciences.", closed Mr. Myers.

Mr. Myers worked for a Regional Power Company right out of IU, as an Environmental Chemist from 1977-1987. With a wife and two children to support, Mr. Myers was recruited by a second company to "moonlight" as an Environmental Consultant and he in turn chose to work the two jobs to provide better for his family. In 1982, the first samples were taken in by our founder for analysis and ELI was born...the rest is truly, "great entrepreneurial history". From 1982-1987 Mr. Myers worked 60-80hrs every week, including weekends and Holidays when necessary in order to build a strong foundation for his new passion. He hoped that he might one day leave the power industry and give his full time and effort to Environmental Laboratories, Inc. ELI took its first step in expansion in 1984, when Mr. and Mrs. Myers took a big chance including a second mortgage on their home and purchased a laboratory in Evansville, IN and moved it to Madison, IN. In 1987, ELI had four employees and Mr. Myers left the Power Industry to give his complete attention to the family owned company.

ELI continued a steady growth, especially from 1993-2001! "We grew quickly and had developed a genuine strength in the Environmental Testing and Consulting Markets", said Mr. Myers. "I remember when the larger Environmental Firms started calling us, wanting to know if we might have interest to sell. That was one of the biggest turning points in the company's history, when my wife and I decided that enjoying life for us was not about the financial gain in selling the company but it was about taking care of those who needed us, namely our employees and our clients." Myers continued, "I have such a passion for my work and the people I work with in this industry, I could not see myself being happy doing anything else. We decided to expand our operations further in order to establish a stronger level of security for the company, our employees, our clients and I am so glad that we did exactly that." concluded Mr. Myers.

In 2004, the Myers Family banked everything on a 1.3 million dollar expansion and today ELI has grown to one of the premier Environmental Laboratory and Consulting Firms in the Midwest. Since 2004 ELI has nearly tripled it's revenues, more than doubled it's staff which includes seven degreed chemists, two with Masters Degrees and one with a PhD and all of this in less than six years.

Chris Myers and ELI have received numerous awards on a Local, State and National Level but one award that our owner holds dear as of recent, was when the Madison Chamber of Commerce presented him with the "2009-Small Business Owner of the Year" award. "We have invested in our community, our company, our employees and in the Environment of America and it has provided us with a gratification in our hearts ten-fold", said Mr. Myers. "Individual recognition could not be possible without great Team Members and right now we have the very best team of employees ever assembled here at ELI. Because we now have the right people in place, it makes me very happy to know that the teamwork will continue long after I have chosen to retire, but I do not plan on that anytime soon. I look forward to new challenges every long as I am blessed with good health, I will continue as President/CEO of this growing company", closed Mr. Myers.

Over the past 25-years, Mr. and Mrs. Myers have chosen a benevolent path, by "giving back" to the community and their employees in an amount approaching seven figures. To date, ELI has donated abundantly in cash, goods and services to area High Schools, Service Organizations, Youth Athletics, Churches/Missionary Programs, and Community Development Projects. Mr. and Mrs. Myers share the train of thought, "To those that much has been given, much is expected!" Mr. Myers said, "We take our employees to lunch during work days about one time a month, take them to dinner with their spouses 2-4 times a year, host employee cook-outs and Christmas parties with prizes and profit sharing bonuses and we do all of this because we want them to know how much we appreciate them".

Mr. Myers now travels primarily to find new challenges on ELI's behalf, nurturing additional growth through new Marketing and Sales opportunities and he also participates in Public Speaking Engagements. When Mr. Myers needs some time to relax, he does so by spending time enjoying another passion of his, fishing and the great outdoors. When traveling for Public Speaking our founder enjoys meeting and talking to people in and out of our industry, on numerous subject matters such as the Environment, How to Plan and Grow a Small Business, Fishing & Wildlife Conservation, and Youth Athletics. In each and every presentation Mr. Myers focuses on encouraging others in being "positive and forward thinking" to succeed along life's path! If you have interest in having Mr. Myers speak to your Group, Company or Organization, please send an email to his attention.

ELI's Evolution & Future:

ELI has undergone two recent expansions over the past five years in excess of 1.3 million dollars, in order to enhance our capabilities for our valued clients. This expansion includes a newly remodeled 7,500 sq. ft. laboratory with state-of-the-art technology as well as exceptionally skilled personnel. Together, this enables us to handle virtually any Drinking Water, Wastewater, Microbiological and Solid Sample matrices. Not only have we expanded our analytical and work load capabilities "in house", but we have added additional Sales Staff and Route Driving personnel across America. Further, we have established a "Laboratory Cooperative" with seven other "specialty laboratories". This gives us more extensive capabilities into the realms of Metallurgical, Special Microbiological, Biomonitoring, Special Organics for Potable, and Non-Potable Sources, Mold Testing, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Wastes, Asbestos, and much more. Our Cooperative has been in place for the past ten years and as a result our motto is, "We can test virtually anything known to man" and we welcome the opportunity to help you with "specialty needs". We invite you to contact us with the opportunity to help you with your everyday needs or to solve your out-of-the-ordinary analytical, environmental and logistical problems. We truly enjoy the challenge!

ELI is looking for further expansion opportunities that could be a "good fit" to its growing portfolio. If you have a company or know of a company that might be interested in a possible merger with ELI and in turn becoming a part of a positive and growing future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Environmental Laboratories, Inc is built on the foundation of developing strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We are excited about the future of our company and welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our over-all capabilities to you, our valued client and your company. Environmental Laboratories, Inc..."Protecting Our Environment Today For Our Children's Tomorrow". If you would like to be a part of the ELI family, please send us your resume'.