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Our web staff at ELI designed this site to be Informative and in turn offer to serve your every environmental need. We also wish to make this site Enjoyable for you to "surf" with in-depth profiles, rich history and extensive service menus. It is our hope that you find our site Easy to navigate and Fun to view. We intentionally strive to make our website different, more "upbeat" and not as "dry" as most other science related sites. We truly made a conscious effort to go the extra mile to make your web surfing encounter with us, a Positive Experience! We hope that you find our "Site Map" to be both helpful and enjoyable during your navigation of our more than fifty web pages of criteria. ELI is happy to provide over 300 individual Tests and Service Packages for you to choose from. Simply (hover-and-click) on the respective "link" of your choice. You will then be sent to the respective web page which holds extensive information for your reading and will explain each item on that page in great detail. If you have any questions about a specific Test or Service, as well as information about Pricing and expected Turn-Around Time of your data, please do not hesitate to Contact one of our Qualified Sales or Technical Staff.

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