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ELI is a company that you can count on for Storm Water Testing. We have qualified personnel and "state-of-the-art" laboratory equipment, to provide you with the quality data necessary to meet all of your Storm Water Analytical Requirements. We run numerous Storm Water Test Packages every year! Experience does make a difference!

If you know you have to test for Storm Water, we invite you to communicate with one of our expert staff. We will make the whole process seem effortless from start to finish. If you wish, we can also help you set up your Storm Water Sampling Plan! In every case, we will provide you with an inventory of sample bottles, sample preservatives, chain-of-custodies and shipping containers. We will help you be ready, so that when stormy weather arrives, you are prepared to collect and ship your Storm Water Samples to us without missing a step. You can even request Sampling Instructions if you wish!

By definition in the rule, "storm water discharge exposed to industrial activity means storm water discharge that has been exposed to the manufacturing and processing activities, or raw materials or intermediate products storage areas at an industrial facility." The term includes:

A. storm water discharges from industrial plant yards;

B. immediate access roads and rail lines used or traveled by carriers of raw materials, manufactured products, waste material, or byproducts used or created by the facility;

C. material handling sites;

D. refuse sites;

E. sites used for the application or disposal of process wastewaters;

F. sites used for the storage and maintenance of material handling equipment;

G. sites used for residual treatment, storage, or disposal;

H. shipping and receiving areas;

I. manufacturing buildings;

J. storage areas (including tank farms) for raw materials and intermediate and finished products; and

K. areas where industrial activity has taken place in the past and significant materials remain and are exposed to storm water.

"No Exposure" exclusions are available but you must do your research to make sure that this in fact applies to your facility, location and situation.

Once you have collected and shipped your samples to us, then you can simply sit back and enjoy the "rainbow" after the storm, knowing that ELI is taking care of all your Storm Water Testing needs. Quality Data with a quick Turn-Around Time and the best Customer Service in the Industry is exactly what you will receive for your investment. Please contact one of our experienced Sales Staff to learn more!