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ELI excels in Field Services throughout North America. We are proud to announce our Field Services Package, which allows our client to choose from a vast list of options that we offer.

If it is "time" you wish to save, you can ask us to perform everything from Sample Collection to Reporting the Results to State and Federal Agencies on your behalf. However, if it is "money" you wish to save, you can choose any of the items from the Field Services Package that you wish to handle on your end and give ELI the balance of the tasks to complete.

Field Services Package:

• Collect Samples in certified containers which contain approved preservatives.
• Our personnel will at all times, wear the proper safety clothing and use the proper sampling equipment when collecting samples for you, our valued client.
• Fill out all Chain-of-Custodies
• Log GPS coordinates, if necessary, at all sampling points.
• Analyze any samples required to be tested in the Field.
• Return samples that are to be tested at our laboratory by our Private Courier or an approved Public Shipping Courier.
• If you have collected the samples yourself and wish to ship the samples to our facility, we will provide you with Special Shipping Assistance.
• Analyze all samples with Quality Care
• Make sure that we provide you the Quickest Turn-Around Time of your data as possible.
• Enter the Data into our LIM system for you to access 24/7 On Line.
• Provide you additional notice such as FAX, email or phone contact if any of your parameters are above your required or expected levels.
• Fill out any necessary Local, State and Federal Forms and see that they reach the right people "On Time"
• Our Field and Office personnel will be there for you "after the fact" to explain analytical data and help you understand how it may be affecting your environmental scenario.
• Provide all of the above at a Price that fits your project’s budget.

Projects and Clients that we provide Field Services for:

1. Swimming Pools
2. Stream, River, Lake Impact Studies-(SWCD)
3. Wastewater Treatment Plants-(Public Utility)
4. Wastewater Treatment Plants-(Industrial)
5. Drinking Water Utilities-(Public)
6. Private Wells-(Drinking Water)
7. Ground Water Projects
8. Surface Water Supplies-(Drinking Water)
9. Storm Water Projects
10. Phase 1, 2, or 3 Projects
11. Solid Waste Projects
12. Metallurgical Sample Programs-(Finished Products)
13. Metallurgical Sample Programs-(Raw Materials)
14. Mold Sample Collection, (Air and Solid Samples)
15. Low Level Mercury-(Certified/Clean Hands Sampling)
16. Lead Sample Testing-(Air, Liquid and Solid Matrices)
17. Biomonitoring
18. Land Management-(Soil Projects)
19. Project and Data Management
20. Manpower and Logistics Management


If you do not see the item or project in our list that you require to satisfy your Environmental Consulting or Testing needs, let us know and we will do our best to help you. Please feel free to Contact one of our Friendly and Experienced Staff for more Information or for a Quotation today!