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ELI has the Manpower and the Equipment to go into the Field and provide a vast array of Services, including the collection of Ground Water Samples from Test Well Locations, above ground Water Sources and more.

ELI has extensive analytical capabilities for Ground Water! We can test samples in the field and in our Main Laboratory for the following but not limited to:

1.Dissolved Oxygen

2. Conductivity

3. Standard and RCRA Metals

4. Nitrates/Nitrites

5. Wet Water Chemistries - (CN, Solids, pH, Alkalinity, Sulfate, P, K, Hardness and Temp)

6. Microbiological

7. Volatile Organics

8. Semi-Volatile Organics

9. Special Organics

If you wish to collect the samples yourself and ship them to our facility, we can either arrange for an ELI Courier to pick up the samples or you can Contact one of our Experienced Staff to arrange for Special Shipping Assistance. If you choose to ship your samples to us, we ask that you use one of our Approved Couriers so that your samples reach us in a timely manner.

As part of our Customer Service, we provide you with Certified Sample Bottles and Vials, Preservatives, proper Chain-of-Custodies and Shipping Coolers...all at No Charge to you.

Once we have your Ground Water Samples in our Laboratory, we will give them the Prompt Attention that they deserve. We will then download the data to our LIM system, so that you can access your data 24/7 on line from anywhere on the World Wide Web. This web access to your analytical data is Safe and it's FREE!

ELI takes great pride in providing you with the very best in Ground Water Field Sampling, as well as Quality Laboratory Analysis and we do all of this at a Price that will fit your Ground Water Testing Budget!

Please contact one of our Friendly Sales Staff today to learn more about how we can serve your Ground Water Testing needs!