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ELI offers a complete range of analysis and services to help you maintain compliance with State and Federal Regulations for all of your Wastewater needs. We work closely with Municipalities, Industries, Private Businesses and Government Facilities across the U.S. in monitoring their discharges and respective permit limits for their Treated Wastewaters.

ELI has Wastewater Certified Operators on Staff to assist with plant operations, filling out permit paperwork, general or specific consultation and troubleshooting.

We provide for each of our clients, a State-of-the-Art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which immediately detects any WWTP permit violation, via our “red flag” program. We place your permit limits into our LIMS and when it notifies us that you have exceeded any limits on any parameter, we can in turn notify you within 24hrs, so that you can take immediate corrective action.

ELI has an Emergency Hot Line for Emergency Samples, which covers Weekends and Holidays for special “Rush” Samples. We also provide you with access to your Analytical and Accounting Data 24/7 via the internet.

ELI offers a complete array of “certified” sample bottles, preservatives and shipping containers for your use to get your samples to us on time and intact. We also offer Field Sampling personnel and Field Sampling Equipment, Sample Pick-Up Service and much more! We have been doing this for nearly three decades, so we are very good at “getting it right” the first time!

Wastewater Tests that we offer are as follows but not limited to:

• Organics-(Volatiles, Semi-Volatiles, Pesticides and Herbicides)

• Inorganics-(Including all Wet Water Chemistries such as BOD, TSS, pH, NH3, P, K, NO3 and many more)

• Total Toxic Organics

• PCB’s

• Trace Metals-(By Graphite Furnace or ICP)

• Total Oil and Grease

• SGT Oil and Grease


• Low Level Mercury-(Method 1631)

• Acute and Chronic Toxicity

• E-Coli and Fecal Coliform

• RCRA Metals

The above list only scratches the surface of our Wastewater Testing Capabilities. If you have a special Wastewater Sample or Test Method that you need, please feel free to contact one of our Friendly Sales Staff and request a written quotation today!