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(ELI) goes to great lengths to establish a Platinum Standard in its performance in both the Laboratory and in the Field.

ELI runs hundreds of Performance Evaluation-(PE) Samples from various "third party sources" to guarantee that our data is certifiable for every Parameter from every Test Method. These PE samples cover a variety of arenas and include but are not limited to:

• Organic and Inorganic Chemistries for Drinking Water & Wastewater
• Organic and Inorganic Chemistries for Solid Waste
• Organic and Inorganic Chemistries for Soils
• Microbiological Testing for Drinking Water
• Microbiological Testing for Wastewater
• Microbiological Testing for Sludge

ELI also boasts having one of the few "Dedicated Clean Rooms" in the entire Midwest, for Low Level Mercury Testing at parts-per-trillion detection levels. ELI has copies of our extensive Quality Assurance Program Plan -(QAPP) on file for our clients viewing! We take great pride in our 25yr History of passing all of our required PE Parameters as well as passing every State and Federal Audit, in order to retain all of our respective EPA Certifications.