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Environmental Laboratories, Inc - (ELI) can provide an array of Environmental Consulting and Analytical Testing services for a broad spectrum of events. We want to make sure that your project can remain compliant and is on track to meet new and challenging guidelines.

We have the Manpower and the Equipment to go into the Field and provide a vast array of Services. These Services include the collection, delivery, testing and recording the data of your samples and everything in between.

If you wish to collect the samples yourself and ship them to our facility, we can arrange for an ELI Courier to pick up the samples or you can deliver the samples yourself to our Laboratory. In any case, feel free to Contact one of our Experienced Staff to arrange for the sample delivery that best fits your needs.

ELI has a Team of Co-Op Chemists who can assist us in both large volume projects and in exotic parameter testing. We provide you with the scope of data that you need at a competitive Price.

ELI has extensive analytical capabilities for testing Hazardous Waste! We can perform some tests on samples in the field or at one of our Team Laboratories for the folowing but not limited to:


A. Corrosivity
B. Ignitability
C. Reactive Cyanide and Sulfide
D. Metals
E. Volatiles
F. Semi-Vols
G. Pesticides
H. Herbicides
I.   Paint Filter Test

2. SPECIAL ORGANICS - (Water, Soil and Petroleum Matrices)

A.  PCB’s
B. TTO-Volatiles
C. TTO-Semi-Vols
D. TTO-Pesticides
E. TTO-Herbicides
F. DIOXIN-TCDD (Wastewater)
H. TPH-(GRO, ERO, DRO and Total)
I.   PAH



As part of our Customer Service, we provide you with Certified Sample Bottles and Vials, Preservatives, proper Chain-of-Custodies and Shipping Coolers…all at No Charge to you.

Once we have your Samples in our Laboratory, we will give them the Prompt Attention that they deserve. We will then download the data to our LIM system, so that you can access your data 24/7 on line from anywhere on the World Wide Web. This web access to your analytical data is Secure and it’s FREE!

ELI takes great pride in providing you with the very best in Quality Laboratory Analysis and we do all of this at a Price that will fit your Hazardous Waste Testing Budget!

Please contact one of our Friendly Sales Staff today to learn more about how we can serve your Hazardous Waste Testing needs!