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ELI has expansive capabilities in the realm of Drinking Water including Organic Volatiles, Organic Semi-Volatiles, Inorganics and Microbiology!

We boast one of the very best Turn-Around Times for Drinking Water Testing in the business, along with competitive Pricing. Give us a chance to prove what we can do for you.

ELI is happy to provide you with our Emergency Hot Line phone number in order for you to contact our laboratory 24hrs a day 7days a week, including Weekends and Holidays with your Emergency Samples. No matter if it is a New Main or you are testing your water after repairs to an Existing Main or perhaps as a result of a Boil Water Advisory, when you need us, we will be there for you, guaranteed! We understand that "time is money", especially in these cases, and you need your water tested immediately! Therefore, we will come in to our laboratory to give you supplies, to receive samples from you, to read your tests and to call you with your test results day or night. Plus we will do all of this in the shortest amount of time possible, so that you can take action sooner than later for your company and for your customers. We go the extra mile for you because we truly care!

ELI provides testing for most of the parameters listed below at our Madison, IN Laboratory, while the balance of the parameters listed are tested at one of our Co-Operative Laboratories. This allows you to contact One Laboratory (ELI) for all of your Drinking Water requirements, with one set of test reports, one contact person to help you with your data interpretation and one invoice! The following is an extensive list of Drinking Water Services that our Drinking Water Team can provide for your Utility or for the Private Client:


• Microbiology: Total Coliform & E-Coli

• Inorganics: Metals Pkg, Cyanide, Fluoride, Nitrate, Nitrite

• Regulated & Unregulated VOC's

• TTHM's & HAA5's-(Disinfection By-Products)

• Full-SOC's and Partial SOC's including Glyphosate, PCB's, and Dioxins

• Copper & Lead

• UCMR's, (List #1 & #2)

• TOC's

• Asbestos

• Radionuclides

• Pathogens

• Pharmaceuticals

• Secondary Contaminants

• Crypto, Giardia, E-Coli (LT2)

• Water Quality Profiles-(Including Langlier Index)

• Field Sampling

Another Fantastic Service that we extend to you is 24/7 On-Line Access to your Drinking Water Data. With this kind of information availability, you can check on your sample(s) and their respective result(s) the minute they are approved and entered onto our LIM system. You don't have to wait for our "hard-copy" of your Test Result(s); you can simply down load them from your computer and print them off at your finger tips!

For our customers who are outside our immediate geographic area, we offer you the very same Performance, Customer Service, Great Pricing and Speedy TAT, just as we do for our neighboring clients! We have Drinking Water Clients as far away as Wisconsin and North Carolina, so you know we must take great care of every client for these locations to choose ELI over other laboratories. At your request, we will ship all of the necessary supplies directly to your Office Door-(Sample Bottles, Preservatives, Shipping Containers and the respective Chain-of-Custodies). All you have to do is collect the samples and ship them to our laboratory and we will take care of the rest! We will also establish a Sample Pick-Up if we have one of our ELI-Couriers in your geographic area or we will provide you with Special Shipping Assistance. We can also help you plan your entire year's Drinking Water Sampling Program to make sure everything is "on time" in order for you to meet all of your State and Federal Testing Requirements!

ELI, your One Stop Laboratory for all of your Drinking Water needs! Please contact one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives today, to learn more about how we can help make your Drinking Water Testing easier, smoother and in many cases less expensive than what you are presently experiencing.