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ELI offers one of the few Low Level Mercury Testing Labs in the Mid West! We designed our LL-Hg Laboratory around the first EPA LL-Hg Labs as a "Dedicated Clean Room" to ensure the integrity of your data in parts-per-trillion. We do not allow personnel to enter this room without first checking possible body contaminants that could bias our test environment. Our QAPP for LL-Hg is impeccable and will provide you with the "peace-of-mind" that you deserve regarding the accuracy of the data in your final report.

We have clients from as far away as the States of New York and Wisconsin utilizing our LL-Hg capabilities with quick Turn-Around-Times and Competitive Pricing ... shouldn't you consider ELI as your LL-Hg lab too?

Please check with your State Authority regarding your respective Discharge Permit Guidelines regarding how many sampling locations that you are required to test, such as Influent vs. Effluent. Once you have done so, simply contact one of our Experienced Staff and request one of the following Test Kits:

1. LL-Hg for Effluent Only -(Includes Effluent and Field Blank Sample Bottles)

2. LL-Hg for Influent and Effluent -(Includes Influent, Effluent and Field Blank Sample Bottles)

As stated in the EPA Guidelines, a "Field Blank" is required to be tested in order for the LL-Hg data to be considered complete for compliance purposes.

We use only the Highest Quality in Sample Bottles, Preservatives and Analytical Reagents, as is with all of our Test Packages. Our kits are prepared well in advance and we can send out sample bottles in most cases within 24hrs of being requested!

Everyone that is testing or will be testing for LL-Hg knows that there is "specific protocol" for sampling by the "Clean Hands Method". As a result, you can hire ELI to do your Field Sampling for you or contract us to come to your facility and train your staff on how to properly collect samples for LL-Hg.

We offer testing programs for both the Private Client-(Industries), Public Clients-(Utilities) and for other Independent Contract Laboratories to "sub-contract" their LL-Hg samples to our lab. Contact ELI today and request the LL-Hg package that is right for you!