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ELI has a long history in the analysis of Wastewater BioSolids from various Utility Departments and Wastewater solids from Industries.

In most cases, "Sludge" is received and analyzed in either Dried or Semi-Solid condition.

Please contact our Sales Staff to learn more about our Sludge Testing capabilities or to learn more about Pricing.

We perform the following tests on Sludge but it is not limited to:

1. Nutrients

2. Standard Metals

3. Heavy Metals

4. Exotic Metals

5. Volatile Organics

6. Semi-Volatile Organics

7. Pesticides & Herbicides

8. Fecal Coliform

9. % Solids

10. Calculation of Geometric Mean

11. PCBs

12. Vector Attraction

13. Pathogen Reduction

ELI analysts will provide additional data upon request, which may help the client in respect to the disposal or possible "Land Application" of the sludge.

We provide complete laboratory reports to every client and "established clients" can gain access to their data 24/7 on line, via the World Wide Internet. We have a quick "Standard Turn-Around Time" on Sludge data and we also have "Rush" capabilities for samples that require such urgency.

If you do not see the parameter in our list that you require to satisfy your Environmental Sludge Testing needs, let us know and we will do our best to help you. Please feel free to Contact one of our Friendly and Experienced Staff for more Information or for a Quotation today!